About Sayers Pipes


Hi, I’m a part-time Artisan Pipe Maker from the West of Ireland. I make handcrafted tobacco pipes from the finest Briar, Irish Bog Oak and Cherry Wood (I make 1 pipe every week or two, focusing on quality rather than quantity). Each pipe is handmade from start to finish. I make my stems from Acrylic blanks or high quality Japanese / German Ebonite. I love pipe smoking and making pipes. For me, pipe making is a labor of love, an art-form !!, it can take anything from 5 to 15 hours to make a good quality tobacco pipe. If only I got paid by the hour !! Taking my time into consideration, I still try to keep my prices competitive. My prices are still only a fraction of what other makers charge.

As a pipe smoker, I know what’s required regarding making a good quality smoking pipe. I apply my skills accordingly, thus utilizing custom made tools such as tapered drill bits to optimize airflow. My pipes go through a 4 stage finishing process in order to achieve the final aesthetic . 1, Tripoli Polish, 2, White Diamond, 3, Carnauba Wax, 4, Final buff. All my pipes pass the pipe cleaner test. Feel free to check out my “Gallery” page and my “Online Store” page, you might come across a pipe that tickles your fancy. Contact me, should you wish to purchase a pipe or have one made. I’d love to hear from you….. P.S. Don’t forget to keep up with my latest work and special offers by subscribing below..

Thanks for stopping by – M J Sayers